Relic Lights

Commissioned by Gallery FUMI, the “Relic Lights” by Lara Bohinc started from the idea of how contemporary geometric forms would look if they were lost, buried or concealed and then rediscovered centuries later. As a designer, Bohinc is fascinated by the idea of “ancient modernity” or “future past”; objects that cannot be placed within a…

Friendship Bench

In early 2014, designer Lara Bohinc acquired a commission by Kensington and Chelsea Council for an art project for Golborne Forum, which could include a piece of art or design to symbolise the area. Golborne Road and the surrounding area has long been home to an incredibly diverse community with Moroccan, Portuguese, Irish, Jewish and…

Haunted Chandelier

The “Haunted Chandelier” by designer, Lara Bohinc of Bohinc Studio was commissioned by entrepreneur Rami Fustok to feature above the The Mandrake hotel’s lobby, an area visible from four levels of the hotel. The impressive gothic “Haunted Chandelier” by Bohinc suspends at 300 cm tall, and is made entirely of steel and jesmonite. It is…

Bohinc Studio

Bohinc Studio was set up by Lara Bohinc in 2016 for the exploration of object and furniture design. The studio is launching two new products which are being presented at FuoriSalone and MiArt in Milan, April 2017. Fortress Vase Designer Lara Bohinc explores the marriage of ancient and futuristic form in the new Fortress Vase…

Fortress Vases

Fortress Vase Designer Lara Bohinc explores the marriage of ancient and futuristic form in the new Fortress Vase range, which has created a more complex geometric and modern structure from the original inspiration of the octagonal towers at the Diocletian Palace in Croatia. The resulting hexagonal blocks interlock and embrace to allow the play of…

Collision Lights

The deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form has inspired much of designer Lara Bohinc’s work and here results in her very first lighting design. The collision theme has also featured in previous Bohinc work, in both jewellery and objects. The light here is about the collision of spherical quarters, which are struck violently together…

The Venturi Collection by Lara Bohinc at the Bauer Hotel Artist Residency

Lara Bohinc’s collection is inspired by her encounters with Venice . Metal frames hold Bohinc’s Murano glass vases and are reminiscent of the foundations upon which Venice was built: the metal is strong, rigid and geometric; the glass like water, being fluid, organic and irrepressible. This playful twist on the foundations of Venice is the…

The Lunar Collection by Lara Bohinc for Lapicida

The Lunar Collection is the new collaboration between Lara Bohinc and stone expert Lapicida. The Lunar Collection introduces the Half Moon dining table, the Sun and Moon coffee table and the Full Moon side table. Discs echoing planetary forms are bisected or overlaid to create surface patterns and structural elements, forming dynamically-poised bases and tops.…

Lunar Collection of interior Accessories by Lara Bohinc for Lapicida

Inspired by the planets and their orbital movements, a recurrent theme in Lara Bohinc’s work, the Lunar Collection features important pieces of furniture, with highly-figured marbles set like jewels within golden rims. Disc shapes bisector overlay to create surface patterns and structural elements. The newest introductions, the collision console and half moon mirror are more…

London Collection of Candleholders by Lara bohinc for Skultuna

The London Collection Copper Design, designed by Lara Bohinc for Skultuna. The London Collection Copper Design is a new edition of our popular candleholders and comes in four different models: Lunar Small and Large, Celestial and Feather. Made in Sweden. Download Lookbook Download Images

The Norman Wilkinson Desktop Series by Lara Bohinc for Skultuna.

The Norman Wilkinson Desktop Series is designed by Lara Bohinc for Skultuna. The Norman Wilkinson Desktop Series is about organising thoughts, remembering special moments and communicating with surrounding world. The series consists of five pieces in brass; two photo frames, a pen holder, a letter rack and a small container. Made In Sweden. Download Images:…

Bohinc Studio Portfolio

  Lara Bohinc MBE studied Industrial Design at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, followed by Metalwork and Jewellery at Royal College of Art London (MA). After graduation, she won British Fashion Council’s New Generation Award and launched her own studio. She was design consultant for many luxury brands, amongst them Montblanc, Gucci and most…


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  • Fortress Tower Vase back in stock @larabohinc @bohincstudio 
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  • Venturi Pear Blue Vase by #larabohinc @bohincstudio 
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  • Venturi Tooth Faity Pink Vase by #larabohinc @bohincstudio 
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  • Venturi Pumpkin Red Vase by #larabohinc @bohincstudio 
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  • Hexagonal Constellation Bowl by @larabohinc for @lapicidastone 
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  • Hexagonal Constellation Bowl by @larabohinc for @lapicidastone 
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  • Hexagonal Constellation Bowl by @larabohinc for @lapicidastone 
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  • LIGHTING by @larabohinc

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  • VENTURI VASES by @larabohinc

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  • GIFTS by @larabohinc

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